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December 17, 2019 1 min read

When I was younger and in my twenties, I took for granted the freedom and flexibility that I had, heading off for bike rides and trips with seemingly with little planning and spoonfuls of spontaneity. Having children is incredibly rewarding yet requires lots of hard work and regular moments of throwing the toys out of the pram, and I'm not meaning by the children here.

So the prospect of going on a bikepacking trip with them was daunting, my mind instantly making a long list that doubled as a prediction of how it could all go horribly wrong and also simultaneously a safety net of excuses not to do it.

However, after I did some longer one day rides with my kids I realised with just some careful planning it needn't be such as big step. With Tykepacking, Apidura have done the hard work for you and collated words of wisdom (including my own I hasten to add - chuffed) that will help you change your mindset and realise that your next big adventure could, and should, be with your kids and family.

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