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February 03, 2020 2 min read

When we started The Overland Store, the plan was to use it not just as a means of selling The Overland products but as a vehicle to showcase like-minded businesses whose products complement our own. So when we came across a couple of guys committed to low-impact ethical business, and who are also amongst those behind the Second City Divide, we didn't need a whole lot of convincing. 

Under the Outdoor Provisions label, Christian and Luke have created a range of snacks that are designed for shovelling down mid-activity for reliable, sustained energy release, wrapped up in packaging that can go straight into your household compost. All the recipes are vegan, contain no refined sugars, and frankly are so delicious we could sit around eating them all day. 

In a world overflowing with jargon-filled nutritional advice, the Outdoor Provisions approach is delightfully simple. The ingredients are store cupboard options, and are used raw – mixed and pressed into trays by hand before being cut into bars. The result is a trail bar that keeps for ages, and is still easy to digest. 

Each bar is made up for what OP refers to as the “chassis”. This is a mix of organic sultanas, oats, dried banana and almonds that provide a quick energy boost thanks to natural sugars as well as looking after the long-game thanks to the protein and fats in the oats and almonds. Then, additional ingredients join the party to create Outdoor Provisions’ signature flavours, inspired by UK National Parks. 

Outdoor Provisions is also committed to limiting its impact on the environment and proactively working to protect it, and the enjoyment of it. It’s not just the compostable wrapper – the bars are made in the UK (the North to be exact) reducing unnecessary shipping back and forth, and OP is a member of 1% For The Planet. They’re most definitely our kind of people.

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