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March 05, 2020 3 min read

Out of all our products, it's the Mountain Jersey that surprises people the most. At first glance, it looks like a broadly conventional hooded top but this belies its real calling. The one consistent comment we get from our customers is "I've hardly taken it off!" Here are three reasons why we believe it's the product you never knew you needed. 

1. It's actually a riding jersey.

Overland Mountain Jersey Gravel Riding

That's right and the clue is in the name. When we designed the Overland Mountain Jersey we used a traditional Morvélo cycle jersey as the starting point, rather than a conventional hooded top. That's because it's made to be ridden in and to tackle high-activity adventure sports such as running and skiing. It's created using a textured and light fleece-feel variation of the Morvélo Nth Series road racing jersey fabric. It's a little thicker and softer so it can still be used around the campfire and offer insulation but importantly when the going gets tough (or fast) it breathes incredibly well and dries quickly.


2. It's packed with features.

Overland Mountain Jersey Features

 A conventional hoodie is very limited apart from maybe some front pockets and the obvious hood. The Mountain Jersey, on the other hand, boasts 13 features:

  • Two-way zip for quick and easy ventilation
  • High collar for protection from wind chill when needed
  • Microfiber hood lining that doubles as glasses wipe and towel
  • Folds into its own hood to create a travel pillow
  • Thumb loops
  • Curved and shaped arms for maximum freedom of movement
  • Soft peak to keep out sun and drizzle
  • Zipped chest pocket that doubles as a glasses holder
  • Zipped rear pocket that is accessed via the side so it's compatible with a backpack.
  • Two drop-in front pockets
  • Easy grab pullers for gloved hands
  • Elasticated hood so it retains a close position around the head when worn for increased insulation and also hides behind the head when down so it doesn't billow when riding
  • Reflective details


3. It's incredibly versatile (and saves you money).

Overland Mountain Jersey Camping

Overland Mountain Jersey Snowboarding

Overland Mountain Jersey City

Tapping into the central ethos of The Overland, the Mountain Jersey is designed to take the place of multiple items, reducing the amount of clothing a person needs. The Mountain Jersey (£90) replaces a conventional hoodie (£50-£75), cycling top (£50-£80) and running top (£40-£70), so could save you up to £135 plus the CO2 footprint will be greatly reduced. At its core, it's a cycling jersey but yet can also be used for trail and park runs, layered up under jackets for winter sports and hiking and of course, being a hoodie, is also ideal for post-surf relaxation and campfire get-togethers.

Overland Mountain Jersey Camping


But don't just take our word for it:


"The Mountain Jersey is such a great all-rounder and we’ve found ourselves wearing it pretty much since we got it. The jacket has so many little features that make it such a must-pack item."
- Grow Outdoors -

"They meet the demands of an active adventure but also look and feel great wearing them day-to-day."
- Mountain Biking UK -

"The Mountain Jersey looks like a normal hoodie, but with a lined hood, soft peak and multiple pockets whilst the fabric gives a bit of insulation, but isn’t too hot to be comfortable when riding."
- Cycling Weekly - 

"The hoodie has only just gone into the wash, so plenty of on-bike and off-bike use!"
- Mountain Bike Rider -


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