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November 21, 2019 1 min read

Electric cars are on the rise and are becoming far more prevalent for good reason. However as a recent purchaser of an electric car myself, the options are still limited and slightly uninspiring. Most now look like regular cars, which is good and bad depending on your point of view, but what I was really after was something different and I don't mean a Tesla.

Before I got seriously into cycling, my first love was cars. As a child of the 80's there was no shortage of iconic designs and, with the added injection of nostalgia, these seem even better these days. Off road is what captured my attention (which is probably why I got into mountain biking before road cycling) so my room and toy cupboard was full of trucks ranging from the Toyota from Back to the Future, to the Fall Guy's GMC.

So imagine my joy when I came across this article! Electric GT in the States is producing a modular "crate" electric motor that can be dropped into classic 4x4's. The idea behind a conventional crate motor, is that it is shipped on a crate and then simply plopped into the engine bay of a vehicle with minimal effort.

Well, what if this engine was electric instead? Electric GT think they have the answer.

Read the full feature here.

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