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January 17, 2020 1 min read

When Isla Short approached The Overland and our sister brand Morvélo early last year, we were shocked. This amazingly talented XC mountain bike racer was shunning the traditional team set-ups and instead forging her own path, selecting brands which she had an affinity with rather than those she had a responsibility to ride for.

Out of all the cycle and outdoor brands the fact she chose small, independent brands such as ours was a powerful moment. She is a rare breed. Someone who thinks independently and is permanently stoked to be simply riding bikes, let alone racing them in World Cups. A real inspiration to all that you can, with a strong will and real passion, dictate life on your own terms and that there is ultimately always other options.

Sole, a film by her chosen bike sponsor Orbea, documents her journey and life on the road as an independent.

Also a special mention to Euan Camlin, her mechanic/supporter/fixer who features in the film and is also an Overland ambassador. Also a Scottish, talented and enthusiastic all round bike rider, you do begin to wonder if it is something in the water up there!

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